Segrave barns is where Jess & Daniel decided to host there big day..

Their day in September was one of our last sunny, summer days and what a place to spend it. I met with Jess and Daniel a few weeks before their wedding date for a coffee in the city center, and I knew we were going to have a great day together. They were so relaxed about their wedding and you could feel the excitement radiating off them!

How we met..

Myself and Daniel met very randomly one night on O'Connell Street. I was on my way home from a Hadouken gig with my brother. I felt a thud in the back as a can was thrown at me. I turned around and recognised the culprits friend as a guy I worked with. We laughed about it and I noticed one of his friends (Daniel) was quite a cutie! It wasn't for another year of two after that, that he messaged me 'by mistake'! We met up that night and the rest is history!

The proposal..

We had been travelling for over 2 years and we were dying to head to Carlingford on our return. We had such fonds memories of it as it was the first place we went together (our first trip away). We planned to go around Halloween. When we arrived we pulled into the car park and Daniel forced me to change into my hiking gear to climb up the Mourne mountains. He sprinted ahead the whole way up. As we got to the top he whipped out the ring and proposed. It was stunning overlooking the Lough and the beautiful town of Carlingford where we fell in love!

The venue..

Segrave barns, Dunany. We chose this location as it embodied us and what we love. Forests, nature, the sea and rustic vibes. It is also very close to Termonfeckin where Daniel's Mum Rose grew up so it held great sentimental meaning too!

I loved capturing Jess & Daniel's day for them! Have a look below at some of the photos we got on their beautiful wedding day at Segrave Barns..